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             Why don’t you  become a member of the choir?. There are very few qualifications required. Obviously, as it is a ‘Fishermen’s’ choir, you need to be a man. You will need a blue Gansey, (traditional east coast fisherman’s jumper) be prepared to rehearse on a Saturday evening 6.30pm to 8.00pm. and sing in churches throughout the north of England on a Sunday. We don’t hold auditions so there is nothing to embarrass you if you are a little hesitant at first.

            Before you say “I’m not a Fisherman” or groan “On a Week End!!”  or “I live too far away” read on………

            It is true that weekends are the time that we spend singing and whilst we expect a commitment from people we also accept that we all have a family and social life as well. Despite rehearsing on a Saturday night, we still have time to go out for meals etc. If someone needs to leave a little earlier for something special or cannot make the occasional rehearsal, we understand. Sundays can often be taken up with family events and of course family must come first. Very often however we find that family members join us on our travels on a Sunday and some who are able even sing with us, solos, duets etc.

            You don’t have to be a fisherman or even a Filey resident to join. The fishing industry is in decline so there are very few fishermen left in this day and age. The majority of us are non-fisherman but proud to continue a tradition started in 1823 by Preacher John Oxtoby. We have members from Scarborough, Bridlington, Hunmanby Whitby and even the West Riding. (yours truly) There may be some of you who have a second house in Filey or a caravan and only spend part of your time here. You are like me. I joined the choir sixteen years ago on the understanding that I would not be always able to attend. I was told that ‘half a loaf  was better than none’ Very often I will travel direct from home in the West Riding and meet the choir at the church where they are singing on the Sunday.

             We don't only travel in England. Filey has had a close connection with the Dutch fishermen for hundreds of years and the Choir continue this friendship with their close association with choirs in Holland. The Sionmannenzanggroep  in particular. We visit Holland and they visit us here in England.

Membership of the Filey Fishermen’s Choir is a very fulfilling, interesting, varied and rewarding experience and one I highly recommend.

            Don’t wait to be asked. Contact us. Speak with any of the members you may see, contact us  through this website or on any Saturday evening between 6.30pm and 8.00pm at Filey Methodist Church, Union Street, Filey.







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