Booking The Choir

to Take a Service in Your Church.

 The Filey Fishermenís Choir are a non-denominational Christian choir who are continuing a tradition that started in 1823 when Filey was converted to Methodism. Bands of Fishermen travelled far and wide through Yorkshire spreading the word of Christ through music and song. The war years caused a break in this tradition but it continued until 1960 when the choir in itís present form was formed. The choir has been active ever since. We continue to travel far and wide, holding services in churches throughout the North of England and as far away as Holland.

            The choir do not make any charge for their services but do have to charge for the cost of transport. The choir normally subsidize this cost and you will be informed of the cost to you before finalization of the booking.

            In order to raise funds to allow us  to subsidize the transport costs to churches, the choir sells tapes and CDs of the hymns they sing. They would normally expect to be allowed to do this at your church unless there is some deep rooted objection to them doing so.

If you would like to book the choir to hold a service in your church, please complete a booking  form here and submit it  before 31st October.  

(Whilst no guarantees can be given at this stage, the cut-off date is to try and ensure that the choir and travel facilities are available for the required date.  Bookings received after the cut-off date are more likely to have to have dates re-arranged and we prefer not to disappoint if at all possible)








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