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Continuing a tradition dating from 1823 when the Fishermen of Filey became active Christians and went out in small bands, throughout the north of England spreading the Gospel.

In the early 1800’s Filey was one of the largest fishing ports on the East Coast. Filey was such a busy port that it exported dried fish to Portugal, in particular Skate Wings. They were dried it is said ‘to the consistency of bone’ to preserve them.

In 1806 a small group of Methodists formed in Filey but it seems were not very popular. Filey was renown at this time for “swearing. gambling, drunkenness, cock-fighting, fishing on Sunday and other heinous crimes” Attempts were made to convert this town but those trying to spread the Gospel by preaching in the streets, often found themselves pelted with the dried Skate Wings prepared for export. They must have received some pretty serious injuries from this.

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